Abstracts are being invited for presentations at a conference on Acquisition of Chinese: Bilingualism and Multilingualism, which will take place on 1-3 July 2019 at Churchill College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, The United Kingdom.

With the development of globalization, there are fewer and fewer monolingual speakers and the number of bilingual speakers and multilingual speakers is increasing rapidly. Among these bilingual and multilingual speakers, the number of speakers who can speak Chinese is also increasing rapidly. In what way do two or more than two languages co-exist in a person’s mind? In what way do these languages interact with and influence each other in the human mind? What roles do language typology, the distance between languages, and the quality and quantity of the language input play in the person’s use of the languages. At this conference, we will take Chinese as a target language, and the aim is to bring together researchers in the fields of bilingual and multilingual research to discuss issues in L2, L3 or Ln acquisition of Chinese by adults, children and heritage speakers. We particularly welcome papers focusing on theoretical (linguistic, psycholinguistic, cognitive, etc.) and empirical approaches to these themes.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Abstracts should be submitted via EasyChair (please find the link below)
    Extended submission deadline: 31st Dec (GMT: 11:59 pm), 2018
  2. The following paper categories are welcome:
    • Oral presentation (length of presentation: 20 + 10 min.)
    • Poster presentation (A0 or A1, portrait)
  3. Submissions must be anonymous and all author-related file properties must be removed. Please include 4 keywords right below the title of the abstract.
  4. Submissions are limited to one individual and one joint abstract per author. Each participant can appear as the first author of one presentation only.
  5. Abstracts can be written in English or Chinese:
    • English: Please use Times New Roman font, size 12
    • Chinese: Please use Song font (宋体), size small 4
    The working language of the conference is English, but presentations can be in Chinese or English.
  6. The abstract should not exceed one page (examples and references included), with 2.5 cm (1 inch) margins.
  7. Submitted abstracts will be evaluated anonymously. The criteria include the quality of the content, the clarity of the abstract, contribution to the field and thematic relevance.